Affordable Temporary Pressurized Walls


Our Product:

  • High Quality Temporary Room Partitions at an Affordable Cost
  • Pressurized Walls Don't Need to be Attached in any way to the Existing Structure
  • Our Advanced Tension System Guarantees Strength & Stability
  • Absolutely NO Damage to Surrounding Walls, Ceiling, and Floor 
  • Absolutely ZERO Trace the Divider was ever Installed
  • Sleak and Refined Design maintains an Attractive Look to your space
  • Free Removal of your Divider When you No Longer Need it


  • Standard Straight Dividers (that fit between two parallel permanent walls)
  • L-Shaped Dividers (to section off a corner of the larger room)
  • C-Shaped Dividers (to provide for a pathway around to the other side of the larger room)
  • Z-Shaped Dividers and Other Configurations Available
  • Wide Selection of Standard Doors for Privacy, Natural Light, and Conserving Space 
  • Windows can be Installed for Natural Light and/or Air Circulation
  • Custom Door & Window Options Available
  • Custom Moulding, Baseboard, and Trim Available
  • Custom Painting/Finishing Options Available
  • BRD Sound Reduction Tech Package

  • Advanced Soundproofing Techniques Available

Our Company:

  • We are Fully Licensed & Insured in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  • We take Pride in our Work, the Way We Conduct Business, and above all else: Client Satisfaction
  • We Aim for the Quickest Turnaround while maintaining Diligence with respect to Quality, Cleanliness, and Attention to Detail

BRD is Proud to be an Environmentally Conscious Company

  • We Only use Sustainably & Responsibly Sourced Materials
  • We Only use No-V.O.C. or Low-V.O.C. Paints/Primers
  • We Only run E85 Ethanol Fuel Blend in our Trucks
  • We Recycle & Repurpose ALL of our Scrap Stock
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