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  • Eugene P. (Monday, October 23 23 10:22 pm EDT)

    Boston Room Dividers made it very easy for my partner and I to get a quote and do an install in our South End apartment. I would recommend booking around the times of year when people move less as I was told their prices do change with peak times, costs, etc. We had some serious doubts TBH. Sorry, just from some stories of NYC co's, not them. But sure enough, BRD was here bright and early 3 years later to take it back out. Short of a few very small paint scuffs (which could happen with any furniture), you really wouldn't know it was there. Everything they said, happened just like that. No surprises. We seriously need more things to go like this these days! Lol. Thanks BRD. :-)

  • Wei Z. (Tuesday, January 10 23 05:24 pm EST)

    We've been DELIGHTED with the extraordinary delivering Boston Room Dividers provided to us. They are upstanding people and will not play silliness or try to take the advantage of you when they are able. Their service to customer is EXCEPTIONAL. I am amazed and delighted we have found you. Truly astounding! Our apartment in Dorchester is much much more usable now and we save money without needing more space or a new apartment. We want to use Boston Room Dividers again!!!

  • Tiffany G. (Monday, July 04 22 05:39 pm EDT)

    BRD was such a pleasure to work with!
    Not only did they do a beautiful job with our wall in the south end, they were friendly and easy to have around.
    We also received quick responses from the team that booked the estimate and the appointment. I'd recommend BRD to anyone. Cheers!

  • Josh Levin (Sunday, November 28 21 11:33 pm EST)

    B.R.D. is a no-B.S. straight up performer. They keep it simple, no tricks, no gimmicks. No talk, all action. They do exactly what they say they will do, when and for the $ they say...straight-shooters all the way. Not just another job or a paycheck for them, but truly enjoy delivering quality work and a happy customer. I was happy with our divider but will come back every need for life because of your ethic and style. Thank you.

  • Shanice (Thursday, August 05 21 08:53 pm EDT)

    Hi Boston Rom Dividers! Thank you for doing such a nice job in our apartment last year, we just wanted to drop a line and say THANKS! I hope you are doing OK a a small business in the pandemic and staying safe. You're such a great run business. I will definitely be looking you up again! Be Well!

  • Beckett C. (Saturday, February 06 21 02:28 pm EST)

    Boston Room Dividers did an exceptional job with our Hingham condo. Coordination, installation, and removal were all easy and painless. Smart, well run company. Highly recommended.

  • Caitlin (Monday, July 13 20 02:40 pm EDT)

    We are so grateful for Boston Room Dividers! They instantly replied to our request and made themselves available to speak in the evening after work. Our installation crew went above and beyond our expectations and were very professional with protecting nearby furniture. The quality of their work speaks for itself but they also gave us a great price!
    Thanks Boston Room Dividers!

  • Kelsey in Southie (Wednesday, March 04 20 10:35 pm EST)

    BRD was outstanding. They were easy to work with, profesioanl, and the end result was outstanding. Very Very happy.

  • Chris B. (Monday, February 17 20 08:42 pm EST)

    Thank you Boston Room Dividers. We're happy with the work you did closing off our old dining room. 5-Stars.

  • Garrett (Wednesday, November 13 19 07:09 pm EST)

    Boston Room Dividers did a great job for us in our Charlestown flat this summer. My wife and I were very surprised how good the divider looks in our space and how skilled and attentive to details the workers were. Smooth and easy from our first email to them to them putting the last touches on the installation.
    - Thank you BRD from Garrett & Kris in Charlestown.

  • Shea L. (Monday, September 30 19 11:04 pm EDT)

    Incredibly fast, friendly, quick response, low upfront price, great work done.

    I'm a single mom with 2 kids who don't stop growing, and our space seams to shrink every day. So I decided to split my master bedroom in half to accommodate a playroom. Not only does the divider look like a normal wall, BRD was able to sound proof the room so I can have some down time while the kids exorcise their demons. :-)

    So thankful to BRD for the fantastic work, friendly attitude, and most of all the super quick turn around time.

  • Nick W. (Wednesday, July 10 19 02:29 pm EDT)

    The BRD team are awesome. They did a major divider configuration for us this summer. They handled everything professionally and were always courteous and responsive. The end result was amazing. Their work was up to our very tough standards and they did everything possible to make my wife happy (not an easy task haha). We would use them again in a heartbeat and have fully recommended them to our friends. Just recently, we noticed a few very minor cosmetic issues. I emailed BRD and they got back to me within hours and sent a guy out first thing the following morning. They took care of everything and made us very happy. Thank you!!!

  • Ted K. (Thursday, May 23 19 09:29 pm EDT)

    Hey BRD, Thank you guys for a great job done dividing up our condo. Katie was especially on point moving us through the process to book with you as quickly as possible. We look forward to using you again in the future and will recommend you to friends and family.

  • Russ D. (Sunday, May 05 19 08:40 pm EDT)

    We recently had BRD put a divider up in our finished basement. They were skilled, quick, and professional throughout. My neighbors have asked for their information and plan to use BRD for their

  • Julia Hurst (Friday, March 22 19 07:21 pm EDT)

    BRD did a wonderful job on our temp wall. They were communicative and responsive, and finished the job on time. THANK YOU!

  • Kerry L (Saturday, December 15 18 01:32 pm EST)

    My housemates and I hired BRD to install a wall in our livingroom to make a third bedroom. They did an excellent job, kept the place clean, and matched the paint color to blend in with the existing walls. We couldn't be happier. Thanks again! Kerry (in south end).

  • Ryan (Tuesday, October 16 18 11:38 pm EDT)

    Hey Guys, just wanted to thank you for a job well done. BRD was quick to get back to us with a quote, answered an extensive list of questions with patience, and created for us a professional proposal style quote tailored for us which included a sample contract and portfolio photos. Installation was a little loud at times, but was quick and the result is a quality built wall which seems very sturdy and blocks a lot of sound from the adjacent living room. The workmen were friendly and jovial, good bunch of dudes. When they left, we went around looking for dust or debris and they had cleaned the space thoroughly.
    Not even a tiny droplet of paint on floor or adjacent wall. We were very happy with their service and would highly recommend them to 20-somethings looking to save a little dough on rent...actually we saved a lot!

  • Tom M. (Saturday, September 22 18 06:37 pm EDT)

    Hired Boston Room Dividers to split up our living room for our Son's temp bedroom when back from college. The crew was friendly, hard-working, showed up on time and did the partition for a fair price. It's nice to work with a company you feel you can trust. Thank you again guys.

  • Nicolas M. (Sunday, July 15 18 01:45 pm EDT)

    These guys did a really good job. They communicate well, they work hard and fast, they clean the space well afterword, and are very in-tune with what the customer needs. Would definitely use them again and I highly recommend them. Really solid crew.

  • Alma (Wednesday, July 11 18 03:07 pm EDT)

    Matt and Boston Room Dividers are the best. I bought a condo downtown and wanted to create a home office out of the dining room. Matt and his team helped me to match things like baseboard and door trim and hardware on the temp wall to blend in with the existing theme.

    They were very professional, honest, and responsive. The assembly was longer than normal due to the size and shape of the divider but Matt and his team made sure they were done as quickly as possible while not skimping on quality. You could tell that they genuinely care.

    Everyone that comes over to my place LOVES how everything turned out, especially the soundproofing they did. I've recommended Boston Room Dividers to so many of my friends and will continue to do so because they are amazing!

  • Matt in Back Bay (Thursday, May 31 18 04:39 pm EDT)

    These guys installed a temp partition for us, floor to sealing. I used to work construction and I know my way around an interior wall. They used quality materials...much more expensive than
    your avg partition. molding is flush and covers seams well. Corners are perfect and when I pulled out my level, wall couldn't be more plumb. Very impressed with craftsmanship. I usually expect companies to cut corners where they can. So end result, I added a second bedroom to sublet out and within a month of the new additional rent, I recouped the wall installation cost. Paid for itself.
    Great company, fantastic product. Thanks again fellas.

  • Madhuri Kadiyala (Wednesday, March 07 18 05:27 pm EST)

    BRD rocks! We have a duplex in JP with two bedrooms upstairs and a large living room downstairs. We split the living room in half creating a third smaller bedroom complete with wall to wall windows and a radiator. BRD installed a sliding window at the top of the wall to let in some natural light to the living room and the heat that rises. We added a third roommate and now save $700 a month!
    She just closes the sliding window and door when she needs some privacy. An awesome solution by a very cool company! Love you guys. BRD rocks!

  • David (Wednesday, December 13 17 08:17 pm EST)

    These guys are great! Specifically, ask Jeremy about his Simpson's trivia :-). Added a BR in the n end. BRD hauled their stuff up to our 4th flr walkup, not a complaint or comment, just worked and
    worked, kept the condo clean and smell free, soundproofed our room to the point where I was playing music pretty loud and could barely hear it on the other side. The loved our terrier "Barley" and
    remembered to bring him biscuits for the install. All this and they were off to do a second install of the day (though I think they said it was an elevator bldg). Hat's off BRD. So glad we found you.
    Thanks again.

  • Gwen Helprin (Tuesday, August 15 17 10:00 pm EDT)

    We were very happy all around with Boston Room Dividers. The workmanship is excellent, It looks really nice! The staff were friendly and knowledgeable. The entire process from phone consultation to payment was easy, straightforward, and transparent. I wish more businesses were like this! Thank you!
    Best, Gwen

  • Josh (Monday, July 10 17 05:27 pm EDT)

    Hi guys, Just wanted to say Thanks for the great job you did a couple months ago. I would with out a doubt recommend BRD. They were professional, quick but took their time where it matters, clean, friendly, and thorough. The whole process was super streamlined and easy. THANKS! (and Jean says thanks too).

  • Jia (Wednesday, March 22 17 07:24 pm EDT)

    Thank you Boston Room Dividers for coming out in the snow to put our wall in. We love it! :-) :-) And are saving much much alot of Rent!

  • Sora Y. (Thursday, January 12 17 05:23 pm EST)

    Great Work BRD. We're very happy with our new bedroom. Thanks again.

  • Rina (Thursday, August 25 16 08:42 pm EDT)

    We found our experience with Boston Room Dividers to be very courteous and professional. We would not hesitate to use them again in the future. Thank You.

  • Taylor F. (Wednesday, July 06 16 12:26 am EDT)

    Hi Boston Room Dividers, Thank you for a great job on our divider! My friend Aidan loved the job you did and he said he will be booking with you soon. TY TY

  • Diana (Thursday, March 10 16 08:40 pm EST)

    I recently moved to Boston and had no idea who to contact for a temp wall. After reading reviews, I selected Matt and BRD. Excellent choice! Matt always returned my calls promptly. He honors his word
    on date, and time of installation. His installation team? Very detail oriented, respectful but friendly and impressive overall. EVERYTHING was exactly done as I requested. They even said "if you
    decide you want to change something last minute, we can do that, just call us before Friday." Here's the amazing part. After a month or so, I decided I needed a different kind of door hardware,
    called Matt and he was here within 3 hours to change it. The amazing part? When I asked how much I owed him he said "don't worry about it!" AND, he was serious!! These guys are nice, honest AND do a
    great job. Thank you Matt and dudes (and Katie) who makeup the team. I'm a fan.

  • Steve B. (Tuesday, February 23 16 04:23 pm EST)

    Thank you guys for a fantastic job. Meghan and I are very happy with our new divider. Take care.,

  • Geoff W. (Tuesday, December 15 15 04:26 pm EST)

    I couldn't be more pleased with my experience with boston room dividers. They are professional, easy to work with, and honest. Price was very reasonable considering how much we saved. Definitely give
    them a call.

  • Rohit S. (Thursday, December 03 15 04:32 pm EST)

    Hi BRD, thank you for doing a fantastic job on our wall in southie this summer! We will definitely be recommending you to friends and family. We wish you lots success!

  • Sophie S (Friday, September 25 15 10:37 am EDT)

    SOO HAPPY! Matt & John were the dynamic duo. Like everyone else - I booked them based on their rave reviews & now I get to add my own! I had them install an L-shaped divider in our highrise
    apartment in back bay. There was a heater lining the bottom of the wall and a large window -so this required some work. Matt measured perfectly where I wanted the divider to go and gave me the choice
    of a flat or 6-panel door and different color and style door knob locks. I got to choose which way the door would swing. I had to put a desk close to the door on the inside because it was the only
    place it would fit in the room so Matt setup the door to swing out instead of in.

    They made sure to not do any damage to the ceiling and the newish floors as I was super concerned about getting charged by my building. They made sure everything was installed correctly & to my
    liking before asking for payment. The divider looks amazing!

    It was a really nice and thoughtful touch for us, what they did. They had a little down time when they were waiting for the primer to dry and John fixed our bathroom door without me even asking for
    it because I had told them how much it was a pain in the youknowwhat that it didn’t close and lock when I offered their use of the bathroom.

    These guys were totally awesome & I couldn't be more pleased with the outcome!

    Thanks Matt & John!!! I will definitely spread the word about BRD!

  • Annette (Friday, August 14 15 01:53 pm EDT)

    Thanks Boston Room Dividers. You did a great job! Thank you.

  • Kara Molina (Tuesday, June 16 15 06:45 am EDT)

    Hi BRD, my roommate Jeff and I were SO very happy with the work you did in our loft in Feb. We will be recommending your services to lots of friends and family. You know what the customer wants and
    you should be proud of the way you conduct business. Thanks again.
    Kara Molina

  • Mary (Sunday, May 17 15 08:33 pm EDT)

    Boston Room Dividers were professional and friendly. They did a great job putting up our C shaped wall to make a nursery for our daughter in our finished basement. This way we got a room sectioned
    off and still were able to walk through to the back of the house rather than closing off the back section of the basement with a straight wall. Our ceilings were at different heights along the length
    of the long middle wall and they were easily able to customize the height to cut along the dropdown parts. We were surely one of their more complicated jobs.

    What I really liked is that they are very thorough (yet still quick). They made sure everything looks and feels right. I also liked that they have a lot of experience in general construction which
    inspired confidence in that they really know what they are doing and approach things the best and safest way.

    Boston Room Dividers was right on time. I know that scheduling isn't always easy, and being the first appointment of the day is probably easier to control, but they said they’d be here between 8:00
    AM and 8:30 AM and were here at 8:10.

    Our house looks terrific! Thank you so much for all of your help and hard work.

    Best regards,
    Mary L.

  • Aliyah (Tuesday, February 10 15 02:47 pm EST)

    Hi, just wanted to say how happy we are with the way our divider turned out. My roomies and I think its great. Thank you especially to Matt for helping us with the whole thing. Thx! Bye

  • Richardmot (Saturday, December 20 14 08:44 pm EST)

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  • Bethany Winslow (Tuesday, November 18 14 12:25 am EST)

    Great company. Great product. We're very happy with the quality of service and building.

  • Liu Min (Friday, October 10 14 03:59 pm EDT)

    The level of professional was superb. Matt kept us informed and happy from day one. The wall looks great. They found a door to match our existing. It is going to last for a long time. Very strong. We
    have been waiting a long time to do the project but with the excellent service and the beautiful divider. Can a wall be beautiful? You bet. We went out and spent way too much money on paint,
    wallpaper, décor, and so much, but it was worthwhile. Visitors have complimented us on the new room and we are much happier.

  • Adam S. (Tuesday, August 19 14 03:17 pm EDT)

    I had a super tight timeline to finish a 2nd floor renovation that included erecting a temp wall to add a 2nd bedroom. The first company I contacted was one of those NYC-based co's and they told me
    it wouldn't be until mid-Sept. (uh, no thanks), I was so glad I found BRD on facebook.

    Matt was kind and helpful and booked me in the time I needed. Jeremy arrived promptly on both days and did a great job. I was a little worried because we had a new hardwood floor installed. But Matt
    & Jeremy's great work took away my fears. They used strips of foam to protect the floor from scratches.

    And when the contactor accidentally scuffed the bedroom wall (ah, contractors!), Matt took care of it when he finished the install.

    Every step of the way, from the first call to the follow-up, I received excellent service and couldn't be more happy with the wall.

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